How to use this site

Project Newsfeed is a news aggregation site with design in mind. We pull some of the best and most well-respected news corporations’ headlines and show them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Each story shows the headline, a brief description and an HD picture, while linking you to the full article.

Easily switch between news sources from around the world, see different perspectives and stay informed. Below is a “how to” for this website.

Keyboard shortcuts

N  –  Scroll to next post.
P  –  Scroll to previous post.
B  –  Open article in background.
O  –  Open article and focus tab.
T  –  Scroll to top.

Changing the news source

On mobile devices:

Click the menu icon .
Choose news source and category.

On desktop computers:

Choose news source and category.

For convenience, your chosen news source and category will be remembered the next time you visit this site.